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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Cleaning the environmentally friendly way. There's no such thing as a miracle! But there is the physical-mechanical cleaning system from Ha-Ra©. Since launching its first product, a window-cleaning device in 1982, Ha-Ra has developed a complete house hold and industrial cleaning system that is used worldwide. Thanks to the effectiveness of the mechanical-physical function of the Ha-Ra fibres, you will save more than 95% compared to the cost of the cleaning products you currently purchase, both in the home and in industrial situations. Millions of people all over the world beginning to realize that environmentally friendly cleaning is necessary to protect our environment.

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  1. Ha-Ra - Star Cloth

    Star Cloth – the star


    General-Cleaning and Polishing Cloth, highly absorbent, works like a chamois (shammy). Made in Germany. Learn More
  2. Ha-Ra Brillant Polishing Cloth

    Brilliant Polishing Cloth


    Dry Polishing Cloth. Every time a shine. Made in Germany. Learn More
  3. Ha-Ra Nano Kitchen Hedgehog - cloth

    Nano Kitchen Hedgehog

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price: $24.95

    Made out of new developed Nano fibre. High powered cleaning/drying in one. Made in Germany. Learn More
  4. Ha-Ra Scrub Cloth Blue

    Scrub Cloth Blue


    Excellent cloth for cleaning the oven and the BBQ. Also extremely effective on toilets and stainless steel. Made in Germany. Learn More
  5. Ha-Ra Coarse Dirt Glove

    Green Coarse Dirt Glove


    Glove for easy cleaning for all rough surfaces. Made in Germany. Learn More
  6. Ha-Ra Dry  Yellow Dusting Glove

    Dry Yellow Dusting Glove


    Ideal dust cleaning glove. Recommended also for poeple who are allergic to dust, or suffer with asthma, as no dust is raised while cleaning. Made in Germany. Learn More
  7. Nano Glove

    Nano Glove


    High powered all purpose cloth. Learn More
  8. Ha-Ra Windo Cleaner Vario (12.5" / 32 cm)

    Vario Window Cleaner (12.5" / 32 cm)


    The ultimativ professional window cleaner device. Cleans 2005 to 300 square foot without a water bucket. Made in Germany. Learn More
  9. Ha-Ra Telescopic Extensions for Vario Windowcleaner

    Vario Telescopic Extensions (2 m / 6.5 ft)


    Reach higher with the Telescopic Extension Poles form 3 to 6.5 ft. Made in Germany. Learn More
  10. Ha-Ra Saponella with Container 11 lbs (Detergent)

    Saponella with Container 5.5 lb


    Saponella is a highly concentrated complete laundry an dishwasher detergent in one. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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