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Westlake Woodwerk

Westlake Woodwerk

When Leslie Conti and her husband owner of «eurostyle your life» learned that the Archiocesan Housing Authority (an agency of the Seattle Catholic Archdiocese) was closing its 19-year-old wooden toy workshop, The Giving Tree, she knew something had to be done to save it. „The Giving Tree is such a labor of love, I couldn‘t just let it disappear,“ she says. „We‘d never be able to get it back“. After negotiating a on the space and a workshop full of woodworking machines and supplies, Conti re-opened The Giving Tree as Westlake Woodwerk in late October. Aside from including a small selection of interes- ting gift item from Conti‘s Fremont store, Westlake Woodwerk is much the same as The Giving Tree was. A small group of retirees volunteer their time making small, classic wooden toys such as trains, pull toys, puzzles, mini rocking horses and replicas of Washington State Ferries. The volunteer woodworkers use high-quality mahogany, dark walnut, maple and ash.  This workshop represents the collaborative effort of highly talented poeple who love working with wood. 

Westlake Woodwerk toys are made with water-based sealants. Water- based paints are used when the toys are painted; however, most often the toys are unpainted to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine.

Westlake Woodwerk also takes custom orders, priced according to intriacy and how long they will take to consturct. The shop is located at 2008 Westlake Ave., Seattle 98121 and is a division of «eurostyle your life».

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  1. Airplane (small)

    WESTLAKE WOODEWERK - Airplane (small)


    Airplane Dimension: Long: 6 inches wing span: 8 inchdes Learn More
  2. Book Ends - Tain

    Train book ends (pair)


    Train book ends Learn More
  3. Wooden toy train (4 components)

    Toy Train


    Wooden toy train - handmade at Westlake Woodwerk. Learn More
  4. Washington State Ferry - large

    Washington State Ferry, Large


    Washington State Ferry comes with two little cars as load. Learn More
  5. Ferry small
  6. Train large

    Wooden Train large


    wooden train 7 cars Learn More
  7. Rocking Horse, hand made

    Rocking Horse


    rocking Horse Learn More

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